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100% Biodegradable Phone Cases

Image by Peter Jan Rijpkema

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Welcome to Wukase!

Hi there! My name is Annie and I am the founder of Wukase. I grew up in New York with love for nature and a passion for encouraging sustainable living. A fun fact about me is that I grew up swimming and Dragonboat paddling, which fostered my profound love for Earth's oceans and marine life. 

Whether you prefer the snowy mountains, sandy beaches, rain forests, or your backyard sunset, the world is a place where our differences can connect to protect what we have in common: Earth. 

Wukase offers collections of different nature designs, so you can choose the one that best expresses your enthusiasm. Our phone cases are 100% biodegradable, created from durable and sustainable materials, and our designs are embedded using GREENGUARD Gold-certified non-toxic ink. To help reduce the plastic already in our oceans, we donate 5% of proceeds to The Ocean Cleanup foundation.

Founder of Wukase and
a Fellow Earthling

1.5 Billion Phone Cases are Discarded Each Year