Our Story


Wukase is a female-owned company founded in Brooklyn, NY, by Annie, a young woman who loves nature and has a passion for environmental sustainability. She spent her childhood swimming and paddling and hopes to give back to the world by encouraging sustainable consumption. Annie began her idea while browsing for sustainable phone cases with nature designs. Realizing that there aren't any, she reached out to an ethical manufacturer to design her first biodegradable case with an ocean design. Her goal is to build a community of nature enthusiasts from all climates and to allow them to express and carry their fondness for the planet every day. Whether you prefer the snowy mountains, sandy beaches, rain forests, or your backyard sunset, Annie sees the world as a place where our differences can connect to protect what we have in common: Earth. 

Annie at Jones Beach, NY 2017

Our Mission


Wukase’s mission is to create an inspiring community of environmentally-friendly nature supporters by providing plastic-free products. We aim to strengthen nature enthusiasts' bond with each other and with the planet. The strategy is to be aware of our connection to nature, which we emphasize through our collection philosophies. We demonstrate our value for environmental sustainability through our products and production. Around 8 million plastic pieces make their way into our landfills and oceans every day, releasing greenhouse gas and causing over one million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals to die from plastic pollution every year. As a result, Wukase believes that sustainable consumption is not the future, but the now. We aim to emphasize that saving our planet requires action. Our encouragement strategy is to provide you with products that serve the collective purpose of caring for our planet. Therefore, we welcome you to be a part of our nature-loving community to build a cleaner future.


Sustainability and Social Responsibility


We demonstrate our sustainability and social responsibility values throughout our operations. Our cases are biodegradable, made of natural materials. We reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing materials with no adverse environmental impact and embed designs using environmentally friendly print. We are aware of the carbon footprint created during manufacturing, which is why we deliberately chose suppliers that actively reduced carbon footprint throughout the supply chain and product design innovations. We also ensure that we do not contribute to slavery, forced labor, or child labor. Instead, we will continuously aim to ensure a safe and suitable work environment for all employees who contribute to our products. 

Commitment to Product Quality

We hope to build a loyal community by committing to product excellence. We ensure that sustainability and product quality are a part of our material sourcing process. All products sold on our website are audited by and certified as compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Image by Karsten Winegeart