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Become a Wukase Ambassador 

Earn a 10% commission for every successful purchase made with your referral. 

Are you passionate about nature, protecting Earth, and ending plastic waste? Do you enjoy our unique case designs? 


If your answer is yes, then congratulations! You are a true believer in Wukase’s values and we welcome you to join the Wukase Ambassador Program. You will get 10% commission on all purchases made with your unique code and you will gain access to potential bonuses. 


Commission based


The Wukase Ambassador Program is commission-based. You receive a share of the revenue that the customers spent at our store. 


All customers using your referral code will receive 10% off their order, and you get a 10% commission. The formula for calculating your commission is: 


0.1 (sales revenue - customer discount) 


For example, the total sales revenue of an order is $45. When the customer uses your referral code and receives 10% off, they pay 0.9 ($45) = $40.50


Your commission will be 10% of $40.50, which equals $4.05. 


Ambassador payouts are made in USD through Paypal or Debit Card every 30 days. The minimum amount you have to collect before a payout is $20. If the order is refunded, the respective commission will be subtracted from your commission total. 


How do the affiliate links work?


When someone clicks your referral link, they are directed to the Wukase website and are subject to all terms and conditions listed for our company. 


Once they complete a purchase with your referral code, you can track your commissions through our affiliate portal. 

Ways to promote Wukase 

You can promote Wukase however you see fit, including marketing on campus, social media, within an organization, and at events. A few strategies for promoting online includes:


Instagram and Facebook

  • Publish a story or post explaining Wukase and its environmentally friendly values.

  • Include a photo of our product. The better descriptions you use, the more likely your viewers will shop and buy. 



  • Conduct a review on our product(s) and company. Reviews that are detailed and authentic are likely to be more effective.



  • Write an article related to Wukase's values, including building a community around environmental sustainability, ending plastic waste, and stylish phone cases

  • Discuss how Wukase support these values

  • A review of Wukase's product(s)

Final Words


We thank you for joining the Wukase Ambassador Program. We value you as an important member of our community. Whether you generate zero sales or a million, we are here to support you regardless, and we appreciate any effort you provide. Finally, remember that you have chosen to support our brand. Therefore, your promotions cannot include any content that can be considered vulgar, demoralizing, racist, sexual, sexist, or harmful to our brand in any way.