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Symbolic consciousness is a human’s ability to externalize consciousness to represent the physical world that we experience. Simply put, it allows humans to communicate and create to express our thoughts, emotions, and values. At Wukase, we believe that humans are not merely creatures living on this planet utilizing its resources, but are also connected to it. Our collections are rooted in philosophy that allows you to communicate and express your preferences, way of life, and connection to our planet. 

Plant Collection

Plants represent symbolic giving, with each type representing unique attributes regarding emotions, actions, and ideas. Plant symbolism is a tale as old as time, often found in literature, art, and history, including Chinese culture, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Bible, and Shakespearean plays. 

Image by Annie Spratt
Image by Silas Baisch

Ocean Collection

The ocean represents a free yet powerful force. We are drawn to the ocean for its calmness, openness, and depth. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that the sea never stands still, yet it is indestructible. We cannot control the sea, nor can we step into the same ocean twice. 

Mountain Collection

The mountain represents sturdiness and serenity. It offers peace and seclusion from societal restraints. The Chinese philosopher Confucius believed that while the wise take pleasure in rivers and lakes, the virtuous prefer the mountains. 

Mountain Path

Sky Collection

The sky represents vast expansion. While the oceans and the mountains are part of Earth, the sky extends beyond. Our colorful sunsets and dazzling stars are the work of our solar system, galaxy, and expanding universe. 

Abstract Collection

Abstract art represents the intangible nature of the mind. The Greek philosopher Plato believed that abstract art does not represent the material world but of the mind and spirituality. The human mind and spirituality are as deep as the oceans, secluded as the mountains, and vast as the sky.

Image by Steve Johnson